Parishes by Town

One thing I ask of the Lord. This I long to dwell in the house of the Lord,
all the days of my life.

Parishes by Town

Parishes & Mass Centres in the Diocese

Abam Town
1. All Saints Catholic Community, Abam

Time for Sunday Mass

St. Barnabas Amagbo      6:30am

St. Peter's Ndiebe            8am

St. Jude's Amaeke           10am

Fr. Eric Ebem is the Priest incharge of the Community

2. Nativity Spiritual Year, Abam

3. Sacred Heart Parish, Abam

Abiriba Town
1. Christ the King Parish, Abiriba

Afara Town
1. St. Anthony’s Parish, Afara

Ahaba Town
1. St. Anthony’s Community, Ahaba

Ahiaeke Town
1. Immaculate Conception Seminary, Ahiaeke

Ahiaeke Ibeku Town
1. St. Ann’s Parish, Ahiaeke Ibeku

Alayi Town
1. St. Joseph's Parish, Alayi

St. Josep's Alayi


Time for Holy Mass on Sundays

St. Mary's Ezeukwu    8am

St. Peter's                 8:30am

St. Joseph's               10:30am

Amankalu                  11am

Fr. Benedict Okike is the Parish Priest of Saints Joseph's Parish Alayi, with his collaborator Fr. Paschal Opara.

Amaekpu Ohafia Town
1. St. Anthony’s Parish, Amaekpu Ohafia

2. St. Anthony’s Sec. Sch., Amaekpu Ohafia

Amakama Town
1. St. Joseph’s Community, Amakama

Time for Sunday Mass

First Mass     6:30am

Second Mass 9:30am

Fr. Charles Kanu is the Parish Priest of St. Joseph Catholi Church, Amakama

Amuvi, Arochukwu Town
1. St. Thomas Parish, Amuvi, Arochukwu

Time for Sunday Mass

First Mass      7am

Second Mass  10am

Fr. Kizito Mgbemere is the Parish Priest os St. Thomas Catholic Church, Amuvi-Arochukwu.

Amuzukwu Town
1. St. Patrick’s Community, Amuzukwu

Ania Ohafia Town
1. All Saints’ Community, Ania Ohafia

Ariam Ikwuano Town
1. St. Michael’s Parish, Ariam Ikwuano

Arochukwu Town
1. St. Theresa’s Parish, Arochukwu

Time for Sunday Mass

Ugwuakuma     6am

Agbagwu          8:30am

Amankwu         10am

Fr. Benjamin Ogbu is the Parish Priest.

Bende Town
1. Corpus Christi Parish, Bende

Idima Abam Town
1. St. Michael’s Community, Idima Abam

Igbere Town
1. St. Patrick’s Community, Igbere

Ihechiowa Town
1. Mater Misericordiae Parish, Ihechiowa

2. St. Mulumba’s Parish, Ihechiowa

Ikwuano Town
1. St. Joseph’s Parish, Ikwuano

2. St. Peter’s Parish, Ikwuano

Isieke Town
1. St. Mary’s Parish, Isieke

Item Town
1. St. John’s Parish, Item

Itumbuzo Town
1. St. Leo’s Community, Itumbuzo

Time for Sunday Mass

St. Peter  Okpodi            6:30am

St. Stephen Ntalakwu     6:30am

St. Leo Ndiwo                 9am

Fr. Enoch Iheme is incharge of this Catholic Community

Ndume Ibeku Town
1. St. James’ Community, Ndume Ibeku

Time for Sunday Mass

First Mass         6:30 am

Second Mass     9:30am

Very Rev. Fr. John Obia is the Parish Priest

Nkporo Town
1. St. James Community, Nkporo

Nsirimo Town
1. Holy Trinity Parish, Nsirimo

Ofeme Town
1. Christ the King Parish, Ofeme

Time for Sunday Mass

St Anthony's ude & Mary's Isingwu      6:30am

St. Patrick's                                       8am

St. Michael's Umuda                           10am

Fr. Frank Okonkwo is incharge of this Catholic Community.

Ohafia Town
1. Maria Assumpta Ebem, Ohafia

Time for Sunday Mass

8am St. Johnbosco chaplaincy, Fed. Govt Coll. Ohafia

10am Center

Fr. Chukwudi Uwanuruochi is the Priest incharge.

2. Maria Coronata Parish, Ohafia

Ohuhu Town
1. Holy Trinity Parish, Ohuhu

Okpo Ihechiowa Town
1. Holy Family’s Community, Okpo Ihechiowa

Okporoenyi Town
1. St. Joseph’s Community, Okporoenyi

Time for Sunday Mass

St. Theresa's Nkalunta      6am

St. Anthony's   Isimkpu     8am

St. Patrick's                     10am

Fr. Kingsley Ihuoma is incharge of the Community

Okwuta Town
1. St. Michael’s Community, Okwuta

Old Umuahia Town
1. St. Charles’ Parish, Old Umuahia

Oloko, Ikwuano Town
1. St. Joseph Community, Oloko, Ikwuano

Time for Mass on Sundays

St. Patrick Ahaba   7am

St. Joseph Oloko    10am

Fr. Peter Okafor is the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Parish Oloko

Olokoro Town
1. Holy Cross Parish, Olokoro



Time for Sunday Mass

First Mass        6:15am

Second Mass    9:30am

Fr. Austin Kanu is the Parish Priest

2. St. Brendan’s Parish, Olokoro

3. St. Declan’s Parish, Olokoro

Ossah Town
1. St. Paul’s Community, Ossah

Ubakala Town
1. Sacred Heart Parish, Ubakala

Time for Sunday Mass

Amibo        6am

Centre       10am

Monastery  6:30am

St. Andrew & St. Charles Umunwawa 8am

2. St. Ambrose Community, Ubakala

3. St. Dominic’s Community, Ubakala

4. St. Nicholas Community, Ubakala

5. St. Patrick’s Community, Ubakala

Ugba na Nkata Town
1. Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Ugba na Nkata

Time for Mass on Sundays

First Mass       6am

Second Mass   9:30am


Postal Address

P.O Box 2222

Umuahia, Abia-State

Fr. James O. Abosike is the Parish Priest of Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Ugba na Nkata.

Ugwueke Town
1. SS Michael & Gabriel Community, Ugwueke

Umuafai Town
1. St. Vincent De Paul, Umuafai

Umuahia Town
1. Christ the King Community, World Bank Estate, Umuahia

Time for Sunday Mass

First Mass      6am

Second Mass  8:30am

Third Mass     10am

Fr. Francis Nwaiwu is the Parish Priest, with Fr. Simeon Uchendu as the Assistant.

2. Madonna Hospital, Umuahia

Week day Masses


Time for Sunday Mass


Fr. Christian Anokwuru is incharge.

3. Mater Dei Cathedral, Umuahia

4. St. Finbarr’s Parish, Umuahia

Week-day Masses


Time for Sunday Mass

6am (Igbo Mass)

6am (Federal Medical Center)

8am (children Mass)

8:30 (English Mass)

10:30am (Igbo Mass)

5:15pm (Evening Mass)


Very Rev. Fr. Gabriel Kalu is the  Parish Priest and the Vicar General of the diocese.

5. St. Michael’s Church, Ossah Road, Umuahia

6. St. Michael’s Parish, Umuahia

7. St. Theresa’s Parish, Umuahia

8. Stella Maris Community, Mission Hill, Umuahia

Time for Sunday Mass

First Mass         6:30am

Second Mass     9:30am

Fr. Damian Okoye is the is the Parish Priest

Umuako Town
1. St. Peter’s Parish, Umuako

Umuariaga Town
1. St. Geralds’s Community, Umuariaga

Umuawa Ohuhu Town
1. SS.  Peter and Paul Community, Umuawa Ohuhu

Umudike Town
1. Christ the King Chaplaincy, Umudike

2. Holy Trinity Community, Umudike

3. St. Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy, Umudike

Umuerim Nsirimo Town
1. St. Mary’s Community, Umuerim Nsirimo

Time for Sunday Mass


Umuhu Ezechi Town
1. St. Nicholas Parish, Umuhu Ezechi

Umuopara Town
1. Maria Assumpta Parish, Umuopara

Time for Sunday Mass

First Mass          6:30am

Second Mass      8:30am

Third Mass         10am

Msgr. Mike Kalu is the Parish Priest.

Ututu Town
1. St. Paul’s Parish, Ututu

Uzuakoli Town
1. St. Anthony’s Parish, Uzuakoli




Date: 2022-09-08 - 2022-09-10

The Catholic Diocese of Umuahia wishes to invite everyone to join in celebrating "THE NATIVITY OF OUR BLESSED VIRGIN MARY"   From Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th of September 2022.   Venue: Mater Dei Cathedral at Marian shrine.   Time: 4:30pm on Thursday and Friday.   Saturday (Grand finale) - 9:00am

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