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2022-08-19 - DAILY REFLECTION FOR THE 19TH OF AUGUST 2022 Author: Fr. Camillus Nwaigwe

*19th of August 2022*

Friday in the 20th week of Ordinary Time, Year 11


_Mtt. 22:34-40_


Love, the key to interpreting the commandments


There is a particular quote that has been attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo in his sermon on 1John 4:4-12, it says "Love God and do whatever pleases you." Here, Augustine seems to think that if we love God, we won't do things to harm or offend Him, of course, we will keep His commandments which is summarized in love of God and love of neighbor.

The liturgy of today reminds us that love is the key to interpreting the commandments of God.


In the gospel reading of today, Jesus treats a question asked by a Pharisee who wanted to disconcert him, "What is the greatest commandment?" Jesus went back to the Old testament, using the _Shema_(Hear Oh Israel, Deut. 6:4-9) to answer the question. He also added the love of neighbor.


Beloved, the gospel of today began by telling us that the Pharisees came to Jesus to put him to the test through their question. Although the motive for their question was evil, the question itself was good. Recall that the Jews had the commandments split, such that there were over 600 of them. To ask which stands above the others wasn't a bad question, but to ask in order to trap Jesus makes it evil. Sometimes, we are so much interested in planning for people's downfall, forming stumbling blocks, putting others to test, we even go as far as putting the Lord to a test. The Lord reminds us that love must lead us.

•In answering this question, Jesus directs them to the symbol of the cross; the instrument of love that gace life. Jesus did not just answer the first, he also gave the second to show how inseparable they are; love of God and neighbor. 

Take a look at the cross, the two woods of the vertical and horizontal explains the answer of Jesus. The vertical points to God, the horizontal points to our relationship with our fellow men. To a very large extent, we experience the love of God through the love we receive from humans. We must love God, expressing it in the love of one another.

•Finally, in the first reading of today from the prophet Ezekiel, God gave life to dead bones through Ezekiel. God wants to give life to others through you. 

As a child growing up, I will always sit at my dad's feet, listening to him recite off by heart the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Those made great impressions till now. God is spirit, but we must make tangible and concretize our love for Him. Give flesh to that dry bone neighbor of yours, clothe that naked person in your street, give life to that despondent and downcast brother of yours.

A little of your love will do.


_We pray that God will give value to our little worth_


(Fr. Camillus Nwaigwe)


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