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MAY CHRIST THE KING REIGN IN OUR HEARTS. A reflection for Solemnity of CHrist the King 2020.
By Fr. Modestus Mgbaramuko
Sun, 22 Nov 2020

                          Readings: Ezk 34: 11-12, 15-17; 1Cor 15:20-26, 28; Mt 25: 31-46

      As we come to the last Sunday of the year, we end as we began - with Christ. Today, we celebrate the faith we share and rejoice in calling Christ, king in our lives. This year, we may not have this tremendous Christian festival in its grandest form of massive, all-out processions. Yet Christ is no less king in our hearts that beat for him.

       In the first reading and Gospel of today, the word of God reveals the plan of God for our lives. Through the prophet Ezekiel, God promises direct care, guidance, and protection to his people. The image of “a Shepherd,” which today’s first reading repeatedly mentions, is well-known to us in the manner that Jesus himself uses it in the Gospel. The good Shepherd, who stands with the flock, leads it to pasture and keeps all the sheep in view. The statement, “I will rescue them, from wherever they have been scattered during the mist and the darkness,” should speak to us. It should address our times and our situations today.

    The Gospel itself mentions what we all can call “privileged information” in the language of our time. There can be no doubts in our minds today that Jesus severally refers to himself as the Son of man in the gospels. For example, to the blind man Jesus healed at the temple area, the man he asked to go and wash at the Pool of Siloam. We can never forget Jesus’ final dialogue with that fellow. We know that Jesus asked him: “Do you believe in the Son of man? We also recall the next thing that Jesus declared to the man: “You have  seen him; the one speaking with you is he (Jn 9:36-37).” So, the Son of Man is Jesus!

     Does this not answer to anyone who may still wonder whether “the Son of Man” who will come in glory, is the same Jesus or not? Also, Jesus, who is the Son of man in this Gospel, calls himself “the king” (Mt 25:34). In all the privileged information revealed to us today, we should see not only how the kingship of Jesus Christ tailored after the love and care of the Good Shepherd. We must see even more; how the plan of Christ, the king, is for our good. As we praise Christ now in our hearts and with our lives, let us open our eyes and see the promises of Christ, the universal king. Above all, may we pay attention to what we are now practicing to hear from king Jesus at his final return in glory. Yes, we are preparing!

    Who are those to be on the two sides of Christ, the king? Who are the people to respond to “Come, you whom my Father has blessed”? But that is not all. There are people to whom Jesus shall tell solemnly: “I do not know you”? Or “You neglected to it for me,” is the last sentence of today’s Gospel. Is not this sentence serving as a great reminder to those who only like to see God as loving and merciful? Do you deny that God’s love and mercy are also proven in God’s justice?  Today, in love, Jesus reveals that we practice the true love of God through the love of the poor, the needy, the disadvantaged, and the helpless that we assist.

     All of us who call Christ king have this to keep in mind that Christ is king in many ways than we think. That “death is the last enemy” to be destroyed points us to Christ’s spiritual kingship. That with Christ and in Christ, God will be all in all, tells us the dominion of Christ, the king. The best territory of Christ, the king, is the humble and contrite hearts that beat for God’s will to be done in them. May Christ reign in our hearts and shine through us.


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