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PRUDENCE IN OUR USE OF EARTHLY POSSESSIONS AND POSITIONS. A reflection for 25th Sunday of the Ordinary Time, Year C
By Fr. Francis Onwunali
Sat, 21 Sep 2019

We celebrate today the liturgy of the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C with the theme of Prudence in our use of earthly possessions and positions. With the vanity of earthly glory in mind, the prophet, Amos, warns the dishonest merchants of his time (and us) on the oppression of the poor (Amos 8: 4-7). Some who are opportune at times manipulate the system for their selfish purpose instead of seeking to uphold the dignity of every human person. Amos considers the oppressed as the "pride of Jacob", and the Lord says He will never forget whatever is done for or against the apple of His eye (cf. Zech. 2: 8). How do I treat those less privileged than me or those place under my care? In the gospel (Luke 16: 1-13), Jesus praises the dishonest steward for his prudence in forgoing his selfish desires so as to win favours for himself. Jesus, though not in any way upholding dishonesty, links this scenario with His teaching on first, the prudent usage of all that we have been given, second, on being faithful with whatever has been entrusted to our care, and finally, on being fully committed to the things of God since we cannot be slave of two masters, God and money, at the same time. Dear friends, the treasures of the earth have been entrusted to our care as a gift, a gift given so as to be given out as received for the good of all. St. Paul urges all to work for salvation and to lift up their hands reverently in prayer, with no anger or argument (1Tm. 2: 1-8). This entails seeking for the good of all. I pray as we journey in life today, we will work for honest and effective use of what God has given to us to foster the Gospel message, the Good News, for the salvation of all. May our actions speak the words of the Psalmist "praising the Lord Who from the dungheap lifts up the poor" (Ps. 113: 1-8). Let us use our gifts and resources to care for one another and the earth. May God grant us all the gift of prudence and Happy Sunday to you all.


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