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Catholic Diocese of Umuahia

Parishes By Town

Parishes & Mass Centres in the Diocese

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Abam Town
1. All Saints Catholic Community, Abam
2. Nativity Spiritual Year, Abam
3. Sacred Heart Parish, Abam
Abiriba Town
1. Christ the King Parish, Abiriba
Afara Town
1. St. Anthony’s Parish, Afara
Ahaba Town
1. St. Anthony’s Community, Ahaba
Ahiaeke Town
1. Immaculate Conception Seminary, Ahiaeke
Ahiaeke Ibeku Town
1. St. Ann’s Parish, Ahiaeke Ibeku
Alayi Town
1. St. Joseph's Parish, Alayi
Amaekpu Ohafia Town
1. St. Anthony’s Parish, Amaekpu Ohafia
2. St. Anthony’s Sec. Sch., Amaekpu Ohafia
Amakama Town
1. St. Joseph’s Community, Amakama
Amuvi, Arochukwu Town
1. St. Thomas Parish, Amuvi, Arochukwu
Amuzukwu Town
1. St. Patrick’s Community, Amuzukwu
Ania Ohafia Town
1. All Saints’ Community, Ania Ohafia
Ariam Ikwuano Town
1. St. Michael’s Parish, Ariam Ikwuano
Arochukwu Town
1. St. Theresa’s Parish, Arochukwu
Bende Town
1. Corpus Christi Parish, Bende
Idima Abam Town
1. St. Michael’s Community, Idima Abam
Igbere Town
1. St. Patrick’s Community, Igbere
Ihechiowa Town
1. Mater Misericordiae Parish, Ihechiowa
2. St. Mulumba’s Parish, Ihechiowa
Ikwuano Town
1. St. Joseph’s Parish, Ikwuano
2. St. Peter’s Parish, Ikwuano
Isieke Town
1. St. Mary’s Parish, Isieke
Item Town
1. St. John’s Parish, Item
Itumbuzo Town
1. St. Leo’s Community, Itumbuzo
Ndume Ibeku Town
1. St. James’ Community, Ndume Ibeku
Nkporo Town
1. St. James Community, Nkporo
Nsirimo Town
1. Holy Trinity Parish, Nsirimo
Ofeme Town
1. Christ the King Parish, Ofeme
Ohafia Town
1. Maria Assumpta Ebem, Ohafia
2. Maria Coronata Parish, Ohafia
Ohuhu Town
1. Holy Trinity Parish, Ohuhu
Okpo Ihechiowa Town
1. Holy Family’s Community, Okpo Ihechiowa
Okporoenyi Town
1. St. Joseph’s Community, Okporoenyi
Okwuta Town
1. St. Michael’s Community, Okwuta
Old Umuahia Town
1. St. Charles’ Parish, Old Umuahia
Oloko, Ikwuano Town
1. St. Joseph Community, Oloko, Ikwuano
Olokoro Town
1. Holy Cross Parish, Olokoro
2. St. Brendan’s Parish, Olokoro
3. St. Declan’s Parish, Olokoro
Ossah Town
1. St. Paul’s Community, Ossah
Ubakala Town
1. Sacred Heart Parish, Ubakala
2. St. Ambrose Community, Ubakala
3. St. Dominic’s Community, Ubakala
4. St. Nicholas Community, Ubakala
5. St. Patrick’s Community, Ubakala
Ugba na Nkata Town
1. Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Ugba na Nkata
Ugwueke Town
1. SS Michael & Gabriel Community, Ugwueke
Umuafai Town
1. St. Vincent De Paul, Umuafai
Umuahia Town
1. Christ the King Community, World Bank Estate, Umuahia
2. Madonna Hospital, Umuahia
3. Mater Dei Cathedral, Umuahia
4. St. Finbarr’s Parish, Umuahia
5. St. Michael’s Church, Ossah Road, Umuahia
6. St. Michael’s Parish, Umuahia
7. St. Theresa’s Parish, Umuahia
8. Stella Maris Community, Mission Hill, Umuahia
Umuako Town
1. St. Peter’s Parish, Umuako
Umuariaga Town
1. St. Geralds’s Community, Umuariaga
Umuawa Ohuhu Town
1. SS.  Peter and Paul Community, Umuawa Ohuhu
Umudike Town
1. Christ the King Chaplaincy, Umudike
2. Holy Trinity Community, Umudike
3. St. Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy, Umudike
Umuerim Nsirimo Town
1. St. Mary’s Community, Umuerim Nsirimo
Umuhu Ezechi Town
1. St. Nicholas Parish, Umuhu Ezechi
Umuopara Town
1. Maria Assumpta Parish, Umuopara
Ututu Town
1. St. Paul’s Parish, Ututu
Uzuakoli Town
1. St. Anthony’s Parish, Uzuakoli


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